Threaded Metal Inserts from Yardley Products Provide Solutions for Rapid Prototyping


Yardley’s Inserts Provide Solutions for Rapid Prototyping

threaded metal inserts for 3D printing applicationsYardley, PA — Yardley Products Corporation, a manufacturer of precision-engineered threaded metal inserts for a wide range of fastening applications, provides custom solutions for aerospace, appliance, automotive, defense, electronics and other industries. Recently, Yardley Products has been supplying threaded metal inserts for use in 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

“Manufacturers recognize 3D printing reduces design, prototyping and production time, which is why our customers are integrating threaded metal inserts into 3D printed fixtures and molds,” said Steve Cashin from Yardley Products. “This is a cost-effective way for manufacturers to test threads and adjust insert holes during various design iterations.”

Yardley Products offers technical data to assist with the prototyping process. With more than 20,000 products, Yardley offers corresponding 2D and 3D downloadable CAD drawings to spec out threaded insert applications.

Produced on a custom quote basis, Yardley’s threaded metal insert fasteners are available in a wide range of U.S. and metric sizes and thread configurations. Yardley Products manufactures a full line of standard and custom press-in, molded-in, epoxied-in, self-tapping, ultrasonic, and thermal insert fasteners in aluminum, brass, diecast, plated steel, stainless steel and steel.

To request a quote, discuss your application, or request a free sample of Yardley threaded metal inserts, contact Yardley Products toll free at 800-457-0154.

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