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Type AA & BB Threaded Metal Insert Fasteners from Yardley Products Eliminate Unsightly Knurl Teeth from Surface of Molded Parts

Yardley, PA -- Yardley Products Corporation, a manufacturer of precision engineered threaded metal insert fasteners, today announced the offering of the Yardley Type AA and Type BB Standardized Molded-In Inserts designed for applications which demand an aesthetically clean appearance.


Sharp-Sert® Inserts Now Available in Stainless Steel!

Yardley Sharp-Sert Regular and Short Series Threaded Inserts are now available in stainless steel.


New Slotted Inserts!

Yardley Trisert Slotted Coarse Threaded Inserts are self-tapping inserts that feature a slot on one end. These inserts offer easy installation with an ordinary screw driver or Yardely inserting tool.


New Lower Prices on Stainless Steel Inserts!

Yardley Products announces new lower prices on many of its Standardized Molded-in and Intro-sert Ultrasonic/Thermal Inserts in stainless steel. According to Tim Bailey, president of Yardley Products, "The new lower prices are the direct result of improved production methods recently implemented for these product lines".