Yardley Products Fulfills Custom Order, Manufactures Custom Inserts to Pistol Manufacturer’s Designs

Custom Threaded Insert Application

Threaded stainless steel fasteners were recently custom manufactured by Yardley Products to be used in the production of a small, tactical pistol.

Yardley Products LLC, a manufacturer of threaded metal insert fasteners, recently fulfilled an order of custom inserts to Azimuth Technology, a manufacturer who was contracted to fabricate a small tactical pocket pistol for their client, DoubleTap Defense. Azimuth Technology called on Yardley products seeking an insert capable of securely holding together the two pieces of the pistol’s aluminum handle. When a standard Yardley Products insert did not provide the right fit, the insert manufacturer specially fabricated custom inserts based on the client’s designs.

“Our Azimuth Technology engineers and personnel worked closely with Yardley Products to find the right solution to our fastening needs,” said Len Zaiser of Azimuth Technology. “Even though Yardley Products’ standard insert wasn’t a perfect fit for our application, they continued to work alongside us and custom manufacture an insert designed by our own engineers.” Azimuth Technology evaluated several options for the production of fasteners for their product design, and found that Yardley Products was an ideal fit for their special application.

The small tactical pocket pistol required 6 threaded metal inserts to securely fasten the right and left handle pieces together. Azimuth Technology contacted Yardley Products looking for a metal fastener with a 440 thread and insert recommendations. To accommodate the aluminum material of the handle and thread desired, Yardley Products recommended the pistol manufacturer test their standard stainless steel Quick-Serts inserts.

Custom Threaded Insert Application

The custom manufactured threaded inserts were used to hold together the right and left pieces of the pistol’s handle.

Yardley Products’ Quick-Sert threaded metal fasteners are standard inserts designed for a pressed-in installation, constructed of stainless steel and commonly used for applications where constant usage causes threads in soft materials to break down.

Upon testing the standard inserts, Azimuth Technology found Yardley Products’ Quick-Serts to be too large for their product’s blueprint. Working closely with Yardley Products engineers, Azimuth Technology began designing a stainless steel fastener that would match their unique application needs. Once a final threaded insert had been designed, Yardley Products fulfilled the order and custom manufactured the unique inserts in-house.

“The inserts manufactured at Yardley Products’ facility are one of the problem free components we use in our assembly,” said Zaiser, “and that’s always a great thing.”

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