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Item # Thermal-Inserting-Press

A Simple, Inexpensive Method for Installing Metal Inserts Permanently in Thermoplastics

  • Inexpensive to buy, economical to use
  • Ideal for prototype and low volume production
  • Permits accurate control of temperature to prevent damage to plastic
  • Provides a strong, permanent installation of inserts with high resistance to rotation and pull-out
  • Is suited for inserts of any size, in practically any thermoplastic
  • Custom configurations available
  • Get a 2% discount for online orders
For order quantities more than 1, call for special pricing.


The Yardley Thermal Inserting Press provides a simple, quick and economical method for embedding metal inserts in thermoplastics. Customarily, these inserts are installed with expensive, complex ultrasonic equipment. Now, for low volume production, you can do the same job easily and inexpensively with a minimum investment and space requirement.

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